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2022 LEM edition cancelled
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2022 LEM edition cancelled
11:18 - 06 January, 2022

Given the current pandemic situation, the responsible authorities decided that it is not possible to hold the Lisbon Eco Marathon on the 8th of May.

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First of all, we hope you are well and take this opportunity to wish you a happy new year 2022.

The times we are currently living, of constant uncertainty and adaptation, due to the Global Pandemic situation, have a strong impact on our activity as organizers of sporting events, requiring a unique effort by all entities involved in the organization of an event with the characteristics of our event, so that all interests and the safeguard of tranquility and public health can be reconciled and converge in the best possible way.

It is in this context that the pandemic and the constant directives of the Government have required constant postponements of sporting events’ dates which has conditioned the entire normal course of the races, and inevitably leads to a greater concentration in the annual calendar of races.

In fact, two major athletics events are currently scheduled for the 8th of May 2022, both taking place in the city of Lisbon - Lisbon Eco Marathon (organised by us) and Lisbon Half Marathon, organised by Marathon Club. Due to the current pandemic situation, the authorities involved considered that the necessary conditions for holding two events simultaneously cannot not be met.

In order to mitigate any damage or inconvenience, it was decided, together with the organiser Marathon Club, not to hold the Lisbon Eco Marathon on 8 May, and as a result of this situation, we present you with the following alternative options:

1. Maintain your registration for the Lisbon Eco Marathon
, which will automatically transfer to the equivalent race distance of your registration:
  1. EDP Half Marathon scheduled for 8th May 2022
  2. Vodafone 10 km scheduled for 8th May 2022
  3. EDP Lisbon Marathon scheduled for 9th October 2022
C. 1 In case you are registered in the Marathon distance you can choose to run the 21 km that will take place on the 8th May; the registration will automatically transfer without any extra cost.

2- Request a refund of the registration fee already paid.
In this case, for that purpose, please send us your name, ID nr / Passport nr and IBAN for the refund to the e-mail mentioned below.

Please do inform us about the desired option by emailing until February 15 2022, in order for us to proceed accordingly.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

The Organisation,
Lisbon, 06th January 2022 
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