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Bruno Claro

Bruno Claro is the founder of the Correr Lisboa community, which promotes free training and encourages informal sports practice. The community was born 7 years ago and since then the number of participants who wears the yellow shirt with the crow of Lisbon in their chest continues to grow. He has in his curriculum 15 marathons traveled by this Europe abroad and he recently started at Crossfit. | |



João Barral

He is Portuguese, in his forties and restless. João Barral, better known as Running Boy, has always practiced sport: from football to horseback riding, from kite surfing to snowboarding and karts to swimming. However, it was in the race that he found refuge for everyday life and to challenge himself.

In 2012, in an act of "madness", he took to the streets to run and only finished after 5km. From then on, he never stopped, counting already with 7 marathons, too many half marathons and beyond many 10km events. This Running Boy confesses that the Marathon is his race of choice and that the whole process to reach the goal is passionate and full of physical and psychological challenges.

In 2019, he started taking his first steps on the Trail, had his first great Trekking experience and confesses that he starts thinking about participating in his first triathlon, having intensified his swimming and cycling training.

Stay tunned!

Instagram - @_runningboy_



Paulo Alves

"My name is Paulo Alves, 49 years old and I'm the administrator of the page Diário dos meus treino na Arrábida (Diary of my training in Arrábida).
Living in Azeitão and with the Serra da Arrábida so close it was almost impossible not to take advantage of it to be in contact with nature.

After many years on the mountain bike, in 2013 I started running with the Lisbon half marathon in March, the Almada in April and the Setúbal in May and on the 6th of July I participated in my first Trail, the Lisbon Eco Marathon in distance of 19kms. I remember that day perfectly because it was the hottest day of the year, DGS scored 40 degrees in the city of Lisbon. At 7:30 pm when the race started I was a little apprehensive but as the km passed and I saw the athletes getting left behind due to the lack of water in the fountains spread around Monsanto, I started to get excited and finished the race in 30 of 250 athletes.

I enjoyed this type of event and, above all, overcoming adversities of all kinds, the night, the obstacles inherent to the tracks, the weight of the camel bag, the heat, etc.

I hope this year to exceed my 50th race above 50 km and of those 15 above 100 km.
Return to Lisbon Eco Marathon but now at a distance of 42 km, this race will be part of a long preparation. "

Facebook - @s.arrabida



Fabulosa Teresa

Triathlete, started running in 2010 and since then the race became a passion, in 2014 he debuted in the mythical distance in the Lisbon Marathon and already has 7 of them, all in different cities, taking advantage of this to realize one of the other passions, traveling .

2015, after the challenge of a friend, she debuted in the triathlon since then, and has been growing in the modality, last year debuted in the Ironman distance, in which the biggest challenge beyond the distances (3.8 Km + 180 Km + 42 km) was to reconcile professional, personal life and training.

A great year is expected for 2021 for “Fabulosa Teresa”, to debut on the 21km Lisbon Marathon.  | 


Vítor Cordeiro

Vítor Mariano da Silva Cordeiro was born on March 7, 1964, in Ouguela, a town in the municipality of Campo Maior.

He played football between 16 and 17 years old and at 18, he tried out athletics. He liked it so much that he never left it. He qualified in the first 15 in his debut race, an Elvas half-marathon that he had then. the participation, among others, of Carlos Lopes and Bernardo Manuel.

In his heyday, he participated in more than 50 events a year! The most remarkable moment of Vítor Cordeiro's career was when, in 2002, he became national champion of marathon in Lisbon, with 2h22m38s.

He was several times national vice-champion of mountain, bronze medal in M40 at the World Veterans Championship in San Sebastian in the cross country and in the 10,000 meters and European champion of M40 in the Half Marathon, in Portugal. He was also 12 consecutive times, champion of the Alentejo cross country.

Its best brands are:

. 5,000 meters 14m15s (1999)

. 10,000 meters: 29m20s (1999)

. Half Marathon 1h04m25s (2001)

. Marathon 2h16m06s (2003)

Currently, he participates more in trail races than on the road. He continues to obtain excellent results with frequent podium climbs.