The Lisbon Eco Marathon is organized by Podium and Sportscience, with the support of the Lisbon City Council.

 1.2 - DATE / TIME

Start date and time:

The Lisbon Eco Marathon will be held on May 6, 2018;

The Marathon (42, 195 km) starts at 8:30 am with departure and arrival at the Alameda Cardeal Cerejeira, Eduardo VII Park.

The Half Marathon (21,1 Km) starts at 9:30 am with departure and arrival at Alameda Cardeal Cerejeira, Parque Eduardo VII.

The Mini Marathon (12 km) starts at 10:00 am with departure and arrival at Alameda Cardeal Cerejeira, Parque Eduardo VII.


The race will last for a maximum of 6 hours, considering the start time of the Marathon. After this period of time, the car traffic will be restored.


1.3 - TRAILS

The Marathon (42,195 Km) takes the following route:

Alameda Cardeal Cerejeira => Cichavia to Parque do Calhau => Av. 24 de Janeiro (until crossing) => Barcal Road (round trip) => Av. 24 de Janeiro (ascent to prison) => Av. Ten. Martins => Ciclovia Est. da Bela Vista => Est. Serafina => Est. Barcal => Trail Mata S. Dom. Benfica => Trail Serafina => Parque das Pedras => Estrada da Serafina => Pista da Pimenteira => Av. Ten. Martins => Trail Ten. Martins => Oliveiras roundabout => Alvito-Penedo roundabout=> Percurso Trail (to animals house) => Est. Pimenteira => Est. Alvito => Portão 2, Tapada da Ajuda => Circuito Tapada Ajuda => Trail Keil do Amaral => Rotunda Alvito-Penedo => Parque do Penedo => Montes Claros => Est. Outeiro => Trail Montes Claros => Est. Outeiro => Trail Outeiro => Rotunda Pina Manique => Ciclovia (direccion Serafina/Campolide) => Alameda Cardeal Cerejeira (Finish)

 The Half Marathon (21.1 Km) takes the following route:

Alameda Cardeal Cerejeira => Cichavia to Parque do Calhau => Av. 24 de Janeiro (until sign "traffic prohibited") => Serafina Trail => Parque das Pedras => Serafina Road => Pimenteira Trail => Av. => Trail Ten. Martins => Rotunda of Olives => Rotunda Alvito-Penedo => Penedo Park => Montes Claros => Est. Outeiro => Trail Montes Claros => Est. Outeiro => Trail Outeiro => Rotunda Pina Manique => Serafina / Campolide) => Alameda Cardeal Cerejeira (Finish)

 The Mini Marathon (12 km):

Final Route to be announced at the last quarter of 2017.


Ecology is one of the themes of the event, so it is not allowed to transport non-reusable packaging.

Any participant who throws any packaging or other product to the floor will be automatically disqualified.

To check the Supply Stations you can go to one of the races or the following board:Supply Stations



The organization assures the collection of the athletes bags, but they must be properly packed and closed in order to avoid loss of objects or values, for which the organization is not responsible.



The organization provides medical support to all participating athletes with emergency ambulances during the course and departure.

If there is a need for continuity of emergency medical care, this will be done in the national health service, under the responsibility of the same.

The organization, in collaboration with the police entities will condition the transit during the test, not being responsible, however, for any accidents or damages caused to third parties by the participants.


1.7 - STAGES:

Classifications will be awarded in the following categories:

Men: SEN, M40, M45, M50, M55 and M60

Ladies: SEN, F40, F50

Whenever the organization so requests, athletes must present an identification document (ID, or other official document), otherwise they will not be awarded the respective award (s).




Participation is open to all interested parties, as long as they are registered in accordance with the Regulation.

The liability of the organization in terms of insurance ends when the official timing of the event closes. (See section 2.4 "Insurance").

Participating with auxiliary means of locomotion will not be allowed, namely bicycle, skateboard, wheelchair, with animals or baby carriages.

It is also prohibited to accompany participants on the course with any type of vehicle, whether motorized or not.





 Entries are made exclusively through the official site, 


Run From   01.11.2017 01.03.2018 16.04.2018 01.05.2018
Until 31.10.2017 28.02.2018 15.04.2018 30.04.2018 03.05.2018
42Km   30,00€ 40,00€ 45,00€ 50,00€ 70,00€
21Km   15,00€ 21,00€ 25,00€ 30,00€ 50,00€
12Km   10,00€ 12,00€ 15,00€ 20,00€ 30,00€



On the 17th of May.




The athlete's participation kit consists of a technical sweater alluding to the race and a sheet of paper "tyvek" in A4 format, which includes the instructions of placement of the chip. It have to be highlighted the dorsal, luggage tag, The chip itself.

The available sizes for the technical t-shirt are as follows: : S, M, L e XL. The sizes will be distributed according to the requests made at the time of registration.

Participation Kits can be collected during May 20 (between 10 am and 6 pm), in a tent identified for the purpose. It will be placed next to the National Flag at Alameda Cardeal Cerejeira (Top of Parque Eduardo VII).

There is a possibility of receiving the Participation Kit at a indicated address at the time of registration. This service along with lunch (party / BBQ) and massage has a cost of € 18. The sale of the same is also made exclusively on the website referred above.


The t-shirt provided before the race is compulsory for all participants. In justified cases, with the prior authorization of the organization, participants may use other equipment that should be reflectot.

The use of the official dorsal and chip test is mandatory for all participants.

The supplied dorsal should be placed on the chest, visibly.

The dorsal and the chip are coded for each participant, being their personal use and non-transferable.

Chip reading will only occur if it is placed on the shoe safely, without creasing it.

The organization is not responsible for the failure to present results resulting from the negligent handling, misplacement and / or deterioration of the chip.

The luggage tag should be clearly visible on the bag / backpack.



All participating athletes, registered in accordance with the procedure described in this regulation, benefit from personal accident insurance during the event.

The liability of the organization in terms of insurance ends when the official timing of the event ends.



The athlete, upon effecting his / her registration, agrees to assign, free of charge and unconditionally, to the Organization and its associates in this event the rights to use their image as captured in the filming and / or photographic records that will take place during the competition, authorizing their reproduction in communicational pieces of support.



The classification by step will be published within 24 hours of the end of the competition. These rankings will only serve to position athletes within their ranks, according to the time taken, not being used for awarding prizes.

For the purpose of classification by step, the chip time will be counted, that is, the time that the athlete takes as long as he crosses the starting line until he reaches the finish line.

The classification for the awarding prizes will be based on the order of arrival of the first male and female athletes, regardless of their departure time.



All participants who complete the tests will receive a unique medal of the event, and they will be able to download the diploma of participation in the official site of the event.

Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 finishers of the three events in a Protocolar ceremony.

Prizes will be awarded to the largest club. The allocation will go to the largest number of participants who signed up referring to the club at the time of registration.



All cases not covered by this Regulation are resolved by the organization and in accordance with the Amateur Athletics International Rules




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